Further scientific activities

Further scientific activities during the Program

During the Master of Science Program, selected number of students, who wish, may fellow in clinics abroad (Germany, Italy, England and other European Union countries). In addition exchange visits in our clinic of doctors and students from foreign universities are being supported.
During the Master of Science Program, scientific conferences, seminars and symposia on issues of Obstetrics and Gynecology are being organised. In these events distinguished scientists from Hellas and foreign institutions are giving lectures. These events are able to be attended also from other interested doctors, nurses and students receiving at the end a certificate of attendance.
Furthermore other scientific events, (e.g., visit of libraries, internet courses, educational visits, cooperation with laboratories and research institutions) are being performed.
The graduate students have the opportunity to discuss with the consultants the cases of the Department as well as to get practical experience about the differential diagnosis and treatment options.


1st Lecture Cycle on Medical Ethics / bioethical issues of Genetics of Reproduction

● Code of medical ethics and liability
Ioannis Karakostas, Lytras Theodore
● The civil and criminal liability in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Elena Papaevangelou
● The use of human embryos for research purposes
Fereniki Panagopoulou-Koutnatzi
● The legal framework of IVF in Greece and abroad
Ismene Kriari-Katrani
● Surrogated uterus
Father Makarios Griniezakis
● The family and the recent legislation on assisted reproduction
Nikolaos, Bishop of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki
● Privacy in Health
Zoi Kardasiadou
● Bioinformatics, technical security of health data
Athena Burka
● Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome. Perspectives and Reflections
Lina Florentin
● Cloning. Myth or reality
Fotis Kafatos, Maria Roumpelaki
● Genetics and ethical dilemmas
Theoharis Patargias
● Democracy, Demography. Life and Death of societies
Konstantinos Zouraris
● The Patient's autonomy and the duty of doctor
Julia Iliopoulos-Stranga

Financial crisis: motherhood and family
Evangelia Giannakakou


2nd Lecture Cycle on the history of Obstetrics Gynecology

● The history of caesarean section
George Androutsos, Marianna Karamanou
● The Woman in Minoan Crete
Ioannis E. Grammatikakis
● Closing ceremony of the Graduate Program: "The Coma Berenices"
George Grammatikakis
● «The Code of Gortyn." Procreation and women's rights in ancient Crete”
Ioannis E. Grammatikakis
● The woman in Minoic Crete
Ioannis Grammatikakis
● George Papanicolaou
Lazaros Vladimiros
● The placenta, the umbilical cord in the Hellenic tradition and folk medicine
Christos Economopoulos
● Pictures of the woman's life in Rome
Nicholas Petrocheilos
● The history of forceps
Sergios Mantalenakis
● Plato and embryo definition
Aristoteles Eftichiadis

● Motherhood in Ancient Greece
Jutta Stroszeck


3rd Lecture Cycle "Environment and pregnancy"

● Environment, climate change and human
Prodromos Zannis
● Radiation, vaccines, smoking and pregnancy
Basil Tsapanos
● Radiation and Pregnancy
Panagiotis Sandilos
● The implementation of the laws of physics in biology
Christos Efthymiopoulos


4th Lecture Cycle "Modern technology and management in a maternity hospital'

● Wireless on line ultrasonography and tele-surgery in obstetrics and gynecology
Arnaut Wattiez, Ioannis E. Grammatikakis, Pantelis Trompoukis, George Hilaris
● Augmented reality in education of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Ioannis E. Grammatikakis
● Applied mathematics in the study of physiological and pathological mechanisms of human diseases pathogenesis
Christos Efthymiopoulos, Ioannis E. Grammatikakis
● Telecommunication Applications in Healthcare and Obstetrics
Filia Makedon
● Management services and technology in an obstetrical-gynecological unit
Periklis Giovas, Tenia Perdikouri, Dimitris Fotiadis

Administration and biomedical engineering in health care systems
Lambrini Karpouzou



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